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Welcome to the IT Security Technical Support hub at Cambridge IT Security. Our dedicated team of security experts is here to provide technical support, resolve issues, and ensure the robustness of your IT security infrastructure. Whether you're dealing with complex security incidents or need assistance with day-to-day operations, we have the technical expertise to keep your systems secure.

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Our Technical Support Services

1. Incident Resolution

Swift Response: If you’re experiencing a security incident, our technical support team is equipped to respond promptly. We’ll work diligently to identify and resolve the issue to minimize any potential impact on your business operations.

2. Configuration and Optimization

Fine-Tune Your Defenses: Our experts will assist you in configuring and optimizing your security tools, ensuring that they operate at peak performance. From firewalls to intrusion detection systems, we’ve got your configurations covered.

3. Security Software Troubleshooting

Resolve Issues Effectively: If you encounter issues with your security software or tools, our technical support team is ready to troubleshoot and provide solutions. We’ll work closely with you to identify and resolve any technical challenges.

4. Patch Management

Stay Secure and Up-to-Date: Regularly updating and patching your systems is crucial for staying ahead of potential vulnerabilities. We’ll help you implement an effective patch management strategy to keep your systems secure.

5. Network Security Optimization

Enhance Your Network Security: Our technical experts will assess and optimise your network security infrastructure, ensuring that it aligns with industry best practices and is resilient against emerging threats.


Phone Support

For urgent technical issues, contact our technical support team via phone at 01223 921 000 from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday. If you are subscribed to one of our incident response services, the  specialists are available 24/7 to assist you and can be reached on your dedicated number.

Tick list

Email Support

For non-urgent technical inquiries or to schedule a technical consultation, reach out to our support team via email at We’ll respond promptly to address your technical concerns.


Online Support Portal

Visit our online technical support portal to submit a ticket, access technical documentation, and find solutions to common issues. Log in using your dedicated link to get started.

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