The Growing Threat of Undetected Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Testing

Cybercriminals are working nonstop to develop new methods of exploiting vulnerabilities within businesses systems, applications, and networks. We help your business through vulnerability testing; it uses scanning tools and manual testing methods to simulate attacks. These attacks to an environment pinpoint high-risk gaps before they can be leveraged by bad actors to breach defences.
With attack techniques continually evolving, proactively finding, and fixing security holes before hackers have a chance to take advantage is crucial. This is where Cambridge IT Security's comprehensive vulnerability testing services come in.

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Pinpoint Your Weak Spots Through

Armed with intelligence on your specific risks across the cyber attack surface, we provide actionable solutions for strengthening defences.


External network scans checking endpoints and infrastructure exposed to outside threats


Internal network scans assessing vulnerabilities inside your perimeter


Web application scans identifying code flaws, misconfigurations, risks in custom apps and public-facing sites


Social engineering testing via phishing simulations to evaluate human susceptibility

Ongoing Protection with Managed Vulnerability Scanning

One-time assessments show only a snapshot of risks. New threats and vulnerabilities emerge daily. Our managed vulnerability testing service includes:


Configuring custom scans tailored to your business environment


Continuous scanning on a schedule aligned to your risk profile


Analysing results and prioritizing the most critical risks


Providing remediation assistance, support with patching, to address scan findings


Reporting to exhibit improved security posture over time

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Comprehensive Recommendations

Around-the-clock threat awareness is impossible without knowing the vulnerabilities of your business. Our holistic testing evaluates risks across web apps, networks, endpoints, identities and more. This also is including custom phishing simulations to assess human risk. Armed with intelligence on your company’s specific vulnerabilities and expert guidance to address gaps, you can optimise cyber defences and minimize business disruption. Contact Cambridge IT Security today to schedule your vulnerability assessment.

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