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Sentinel For Microsoft 365

Endpoint security refers to the protection of endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, servers, and other devices, from malicious activities and cybersecurity threats.

SentinelOne is an endpoint protection platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect and respond to various types of cyber threats.

What does SentinelOne do for your business?

Key features of Sentinel For Microsoft 365 endpoint protection platform include:

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Behavioral AI

The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and detect abnormal behavior on endpoints. This helps in identifying and preventing threats that may not be recognized by traditional signature-based approaches.


Autonomous Response

SentinelOne’s solution is designed to autonomously respond to security incidents, allowing for quick and automated actions to contain and mitigate threats.


Threat Intelligence

The platform leverages threat intelligence to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity threats, ensuring a proactive approach to security.


Forensics and Investigation

SentinelOne provides tools for investigating security incidents and understanding the scope and impact of a breach.

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Multi-Cloud Compatibility

The platform is designed to protect endpoints across various environments, including on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures.


Real-time Monitoring

SentinelOne offers real-time monitoring of endpoint activities, providing security teams with visibility into potential security issues.

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