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82% of data breaches are due to human error. Stay one step ahead with our Phishing Security Training from Cambridge IT Security.

Prevent cyber incidents by training your employees

As expert cyber security consultants based in Cambridge, we created a specialised Phishing Security Training program to equip your employees with skills to avoid cyber threats. Our strategic on-site and online training empowers your team to:


Pinpoint Sophisticated Phishing Scams

• Recognise red flags in email communications and in links to identify deceptive messages
• Learn visual signs that signal dangers with URL links and website security certificates
• Develop skills to examine sender addresses for spoofing


Create Impenetrable Passwords

• Understand fundamental criteria for strong, unique passwords for every account
• Learn methods to generate and remember complex passwords that cannot be hacked
• Avoid common password errors that put your company at risk

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Practice Safe Web Browsing

• Identify risks of unsecured public Wi-Fi and websites lacking HTTPS protocol
• Utilise Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for securely retrieving company data remotely
• Enable two-factor authentication on accounts for layered protection

Cambridge Support Team

Protect Company Data

• Recognise attempts by cyber criminals to access company logins and sensitive internal data
• Limit harm from successful phishing attacks by restricting account permissions and access
• Report all suspicious endeavours in a timely manner to the security team.


Create a Culture of Vigilance

• Promote security awareness as ongoing importance through refresher Phishing Security Training
• Empower employees to identify weaknesses so that action can be taken promptly
• Lead by example from management by adopting training suggestions.

Ongoing Support for Lasting Results

Our Phishing Security Training delivers impactful modules tailored to your company's needs and systems .This is facilitated either in-person or remotely. Unlike one-off training sessions, we provide long-term supplemental materials and refreshers to ensure adoption of secure practices.
Invest in your company’s cyber security today by partnering with Cambridge IT Security for our Phishing Security Training. This is crafted by experts dedicated to safeguarding against ever-evolving digital threats.

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