Microsoft 365 Security Audits

Utilising Microsoft 365 Security Audits for your business

Microsoft 365 Security Audits analyse a company’s environment to identify potential security gaps, risks, and areas for improvement. Through rigorous reviews of roles, validations, assessment of policies, tests and evaluations; it is a valuable audit for any business.

Assessing Your Security Posture

Cambridge IT Security offers Microsoft 365 Security Audits covering the best practices in identifying holes in your configurations and permissions before cybercriminals exploit them. Our audits evaluate your tenant’s security controls, compliance policies, sensitive data storage practices and weaknesses. You gain actionable advice for locking down Microsoft 365 access while supporting productivity in your company.

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The Risks of Overlooking 365 Misconfigurations

Microsoft 365 adoption has exploded in recent years due to the platform’s cloud productivity apps, collaboration capabilities, endpoint management and security technologies. Yet many businesses overlook the shared responsibility model. While Microsoft handles the infrastructure, you must properly manage identities, access controls, apps configurations and more. Even one misconfiguration can open the door to costly breaches.

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    Ongoing Protection through Managed Services

    We further provide managed Microsoft 365 Security services. This is including monitoring your tenant’s activity for threats and responding to risks like compromised accounts. We also cover ensuring configurations align to security best practices through change control policies and processes. We lastly optimise your use of native Microsoft 365 security tools.

    We will be happy to help you. Let us help assess, build and manage a Microsoft 365 environment aligned to your risk acceptance and regulatory requirements. Contact Cambridge IT Security today to schedule your Microsoft 365 Security Audit or discuss our managed security services tailored to your hybrid cloud environment.

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