Microsoft 365 Managed Detection & Response (MDR & XDR)

What is Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response?

Microsoft 365 managed detection and response refers to advanced security solutions that constantly monitor an organisation's IT infrastructure and data for cyber threats and anomalies. Once detected, our expert security teams take action to investigate threats and rapidly contain any confirmed attacks before they result in data loss, operational disruption, or other damages.

How Can Microsoft 365 Help?

Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response utilises AI and machine learning technology. This is to analyse activity across email, endpoints, identities, and all Microsoft 365 apps to identify advanced threats. The integrated Defender solution provides comprehensive visibility combined with proven security analytics powered by trillions of signals worldwide. Suspicious behaviour indicative of phishing attempts, compromised credentials, malware and more are quickly identified for expert human review.

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Why You Should Choose Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response

Cambridge IT Security offers fully managed Microsoft 365 Defender for organisations that need monitoring, incident investigation and response capabilities, but lack their own security operations centre (SOC). Our Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response service includes:


Monitoring of your cloud apps, emails, endpoints and identities


Detection of compromised accounts, malicious emails, and other sophisticated attacks


Rapid investigation of threats by our expert analysts


Containment of confirmed attacks to prevent damages


Ongoing recommendations to improve security posture

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Our Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response service

With increasing cyber attacks directly targeting remote workforces, no organisation can afford to be vulnerable. Yet many lack staffing for around-the-clock security vigilance. Our Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response service acts as your dedicated SOC, with all the security expertise and manpower needed for robust 24/7 threat protection.
Reduce organizational risk, safeguard your sensitive assets, and ensure business continuity against today's sophisticated cyber threats with Cambridge IT Security's Microsoft 365 Managed Detection and Response. Contact us for more details and pricing.

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