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Defender for Microsoft 365

Defender for Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive threat protection and detection platform provided by Microsoft to secure modern workplaces. It delivers integrated and intelligent threat protection for multi-cloud and on-premises environments. Backed by unparalleled visibility across emails, collaboration tools, endpoints, and identities. Defender uses advanced AI to block sophisticated attacks targeting your hybrid workforce.

Detect More Threats with Microsoft 365 Defender

Defender for Microsoft 365 brings together security services like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Cloud App Security and more into a unified solution. With shared threat intelligence and automated data analysis, this holistic approach delivers far greater attack surface coverage than individual point products. Defender rapidly associates signals and events to pinpoint stealthy attacks that easily slip past traditional defences.

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Cambridge IT Security Team

Respond Faster to Confirm Threats

Once Defender identifies a potential breach via malicious email, compromised endpoint or other threat vector, Cambridge IT Security’s security experts investigate and confirm if an actual attack has occurred. We quickly determine the scope of impact and provide recommendations. Depending on the situation we could also directly implement containment measures before significant damages occur.

Leverage Industry-Leading Security Operations Centre (SOC) Expertise

Many organizations lack staff with the specialised skills and experience needed to get the most value from Defender for Microsoft 365’s robust capabilities. As a Microsoft Partner, Cambridge IT Security optimises Defender deployments based on clients’ unique environment and risk profile for maximum threat detection. Our UK-based SOC operates as a force multiplier. This is through realising the full potential of Defender for Microsoft 365 to better secure your hybrid workforce.

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