Cyber security Training for Non-Technical Individuals

Cyber Awareness Training

Are you concerned about the safety of your organisation and personal information online?
Want to learn how to protect yourself from cyber threats?
Our Cyber Awareness Training is designed just for you!

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What you will learn on the course

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Equip yourself with the knowledge to stay safe and secure in your digital world. Our cyber awareness training cover the follwing:


Introduction to Cybersecurity

Understand the basics of cybersecurity and its importance in today’s digital age.


Online Privacy Essentials

Learn how to safeguard your personal information and maintain online privacy.

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Email Security

Recognise phishing attempts and secure your email communication.


Password Management

Create strong, memorable passwords and manage them securely.


Social Media Security

Protect yourself on social media platforms and be aware of common scams.


Avoiding Online Scams

Identify and steer clear of common online scams and fraudulent activities.

82% of data breaches are due to human error. Don't take the risk.

Educate your employees with our cyber awareness training

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Tailored for Non-Technical Individuals

No technical jargon! We break down complex concepts for easy understanding.

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Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced cybersecurity professionals passionate about educating non-techies.

Cyber Training

Interactive Sessions

Engage in hands-on activities and real-world scenarios to reinforce your learning.

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Certificate of Completion

Receive a certificate to showcase your commitment to cybersecurity awareness.

Educate your employees today!

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