Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible MSP of professional IT security services, we see ourselves as a company that is focused on our team, partners, and customers. We also take care of our suppliers and the wider community. As a tightly knit company, we want to make a difference to our colleagues, neighbours, community, and country. We actively look for opportunities to make a positive difference to anyone we cross paths with. The beliefs we follow contain:

Cyber Training

Our conduct

We aways treat others the way we want to be treated. We will only make promises that we believe we can keep. We work with integrity because we believe that is the only way for us to operate. Therefore, we have simple pricing models and ensure all our customers pay the same price for the exact same service. Our anti-bribery policy provides further information on our stance in this regard.

Respecting others

We know trust is earned and we conduct this in all our business with openness and integrity. This is applied and starts from within with our employees, then supplies and customers.

Honesty and accountability

At Cambridge IT Security we communicate our policies, objectives, and performance openly and honestly with our employees. We also do this with others who have an interest in our business, including clients and suppliers. We encourage them to communicate with us and will always seek their views.

Sustainable progress

We are committed to improving our performance through having a quality service. We will continue to develop by seeking new knowledge and feedback from the people we work with. We take all feedback as constructive and do our best to learn from it in all situations.

Demonstrable compliance

As a minimum, we will meet or exceed all relevant legislation in the UK. Where no legislation is in place we will develop and implement our own appropriate standards to ensure our standards remain high.

Investment in our employees

Our employees are our greatest asset at Cambridge IT Security. We strive to be responsible by creating a work environment that gives all of us the desire and ability to grow. We place great importance on professional and personal development. We encourage all our employees to better themselves.